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 This webpage is dedicated to the Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo - specifically the 1990-1992 version (Generation IV).
 In this website, you will be able to browse any number of Trofeo parts, including pictures specific to every part available. Think of it as your one-stop Trofeo parts warehouse!
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Hello, my name is David North. The Oldsombile Toronado Trofeo is a rare luxury sports car. In 1990, there were only 9,426 made. In 1991, there were only 5,348 made. In 1992, there were only 5,197. This makes for only 19,971 made in those 3 years!
 Most of the parts have been discontinued at all GM dealers nationwide, making these parts even more rare and valuable! Not to mention, body and interior parts were never manufactured after-market!
 Since production numbers were low on these cars, it is next to impossible to find them in a junk-yard, especially in any useable condition.
 Basically, this website was started to help bring together people who are looking for Trofeo/Toronado parts that are sick of the eBay nonsense and looking everywhere online and finding nothing.
 Here at, we are dedicated to the highest grade of customer service and satisfaction. We ship 3-5 times daily, so  you are guaranteed to get your parts as fast as possible - no waiting on big auto parts stores to ship when they get around to it. We ship via Priority Mail and DHL Ground, depending on what kind of part you buy! We also are willing to personally deliver any part that cannot be shipped via regular shipping avenues. We offer shipping quotes on any part and will ship globally for parts over $95.
 If you do not see a part listed, that does not necessarily mean that we don't have it. You can always email us and we will respond ASAP with whether or not the part is available.
 Remember, we are here for you and want to make your experience as painless as possible. We understand how difficult finding the right part at the right price can be, especially considering the rarity of high-quality used parts for such a rare car!

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